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1980 Gibson ES-347

This is an 1980 ES-347 which may be on of the best ideas that Gibson ever had - if only they'd have put the coil split switch with the other controls, which I understand they eventually did. The pickups are the original "Dirty Fingers". According to Brosnac, Gibson Dirty Fingers pickups have twelve adjustable pole pieces each (two rows of six) but this is not entirely true. Gibson did make replacement pickups with this distinguishing characteristic, but the original Dirty Fingers pickups on the ES-347 were covered and had only one row of adjustable pole pieces.

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The stop tail has individual fine tuners (like a Floyd Rose) they work quite well. I've found it somewhat surprising that this guitar has something of a bad reputation - bargain prices for these are pretty easy to find. It's the guitars themselves which are not easy to find.

On the other hand, they are easy to identify. According to the Gibson Product Identification site the Gibson ES-347(TD) is the only Gibson electric archtop double cutaway guitar with rounded horns, crown peghead inlay, and large block fingerboard inlays. Of course sometimes you can cheat....

es347-head.jpg (187475 bytes) and look at the truss rod cover. I think the brass nut is original equipment for these things. Whether or no, it's staying on this particular guitar.

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