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Merle Haggard
Ugliest Guitar
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Gretsch Orange PRS 22
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Albert Collins
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Gene Baker 078
Dan Smith
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Custom Shop 50s Telecaster
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Ed King
Gene Baker 051

Coming Attractions:

We've got some interesting stuff slated to shoot this week: Fender Custom Showmaster, Gibson '59 ES-335 Reissue, some other guitars, and our first amp pictures - the mighty   Lexicon 284 / Fender SFX Keyboard 200 rig (I assure you Hammer of Thor ain't in it....), Rivera "Chubster 40" (who came up with that name?), and out first acoustic guitar pictures, sort of..... Stay tuned.

Zen Pharaoh Sightings

Now this might look like a performance of Was (not) Was/Mel Torme's Zaz Turned Blue, or some performance artist from Astor Place, but it's not. Click on the image to find out more.

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The Guitars

Most of the following guitars have some unusual twist or are included to provide instances of guitars which are of interest to scientists. Some, like the Merle Haggard Tribute Telecaster, are both strikingly beautiful and have very unusual aspects (As far as I know the maple neck set into a maple through-body insert is unique, as is the lack of f-hole on a Fender Thinline. The pickup wiring is peculiar, too.) The ES-347 is a guitar which most guitarists have never seen, and is very unusual with fine tuners on a stoptail. Although National ResoLectrics are very uncommon, most guitarists know what they look like. We chose to display it here to help explain resonator guitars, the 'biscuit bridge' and the Highlander cone pickup to a scientist over the phone.


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Each thumbnail image will take you to the page for that Telecaster

Anderson Non-Tele Teles

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Gibson ES Series

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Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 models

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22s (Note that I consider the 'Studio' model a C22:

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Ed King model:

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PRS fans might want to keep coming back; we've got more in the pipeline

1967 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

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Although the Country Gentleman is widely prized for it's clean country style tones, apparently large portions of Pete Townshend's work on Who's Next was done with one he had been given by Joe Walsh.

Log - that's what Les himself called them...

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If you haven't seen it already, the Lesacaster. Similar to the Flame Top Set-Neck, but the pickups are "Seth Lover's Bigger Brothers". This is our first foray into light background photography of black guitars. We've now reshot the ES-347 this way.

Some people are interested in the quality (and in many cases) lack of quality of the guitar images. Originally, we started out shooting these pictures with a Sony digital camera and whatever light was available. But we thought that things could be better, so we upgraded our lighting, background, and are now using an Olympus D620L. Even so, the vast majority of images on this site have been compressed as much as possible to conserve bandwidth. However, we do have one page of pictures that have not been squashed into oblivion:

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Here's your chance to play "Name that bridge!" What guitar has The Mystery Bridge:

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Authoritative books on physics of musical instruments:

The Physics of Musical Instruments

Acoustics of Wood

An interesting paper relating to physics of musical instruments, and guitars in particular:

Eigenvalues and musical instruments

Want to know about necks?

Warmoth's highly informative page on Guitar Necks

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That custom 22 has the stop-tail; here's a look at a proper PRS Custom 22:

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This guitar web ring looks like an Ibanez Joe Satriani on the left and an EBMM Axis EVH on the right.


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