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Jamming with the Smoke Daddies

Here are some pictures taken at a recent jam session hosted by Long Island's most gracious blues jam host band, the lovely and talented Smoke Daddies. We used no flash in this dimly lit bar, so a digital camera is a bit of a disadvantage, but we'll work on that next time. Here's the front line:

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From left to right that's Joe on guitar (one of the limited edition 1997 model Strats), John on his trusty Fernandes bass and 'Lightning Luke' in the dark there playing harp. Luke is a multi-instrumental talent. 'Professor' Tony the drummer is more visible in this shot. Tasty stuff from Tony and John every time.

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Now when Luke really has the blues:

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Yes, it sounds as intense as it looks.

And sitting in with the ES-335 reissue is our own actual Zen Pharaoh of Ultimate Love, Doc:

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Don't blame me for looking away from the camera - you can't actually see from this picture but I'm locking with the drummer. Here's another equally unrecognizable shot:

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This one is my turn to step up, but Joe and I are keeping contact. Too many years in the back line playing keyboards, I suppose. If you want to see a recognizable version try this:

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