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1967 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

This guitar is hollow. The f-holes are painted on to eliminate feedback problems found with actual f-holes. There are significant consequences for the primary Helmholtz resonance frequency, which is probably an important mode by which the guitar with real f-holes can be driven into instability by the sound field. The roller bridge floats; vigorous playing can knock the whole guitar out of tune instantly. The controls are peculiar to Gretsch, although the really fancy features like split bass and treble mutes are found on the more upscale Gretsch models. The bound fretboard is ebony, with the 'thumbprint' fret markers. Although some years had a combination of one 'Filtertron' and one 'Supertron' pickup, the 1967 has two Filtertrons.

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Careful inspection will reveal that the mute pad needs replacement. The current fashion is to cut a piece of a mouse pad for the new pad. 

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