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Fender Set Neck Telecaster "Lesacaster"

OK, it's not like all the other set neck Telecasters, but they're all a bit different anyway.

This one is informally known as the "Lesacaster".

The guitar is a maple topped mahogany body, with a rosewood fretboard on a mahogany set neck. The bridge appears to be the Fender Deluxe two-point tremolo type, the pickups are called "Seth Lover's Bigger Brothers". The tone controls push/pull to cut the corresponding pickups.

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There's something fishy about these tuners....

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The knurls on the low E string tuner are finer than the other five. There's obviously nothing wrong with the function of these, but it seems a bit odd on a Custom Shop Limited Edition that they wouldn't have a set of six identical tuners.

This next shot has an interesting history. Someone who only saw the body shot (above) asked if this guitar was a Schecter, but by this point it is clearly a Fender. But there is the question of whether or not it is a Telecaster or not. There is a great debate on the point of what actually makes a "Tele" a Tele; to which there are only two possible answers: 1. Telecaster and Tele are registered trademarks of the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and if Fender says something is a Telecaster or Tele, then that makes it a Tele. 2. There is no answer to this question.

Here, we have an interesting question. Is this guitar a Telecaster? Now not every guitar that Fender made with the characteristic Telecaster body and headstock shape is a Telecaster; these guitars started out as Broadcasters until Gretsch sued Fender. Then for a short period, Fender kept making the guitars but simply clipped the "Broadcaster" off the decal. These guitars are called "Nocasters". So the key to identifying a Fender Telecaster is to look at the headstock:

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Well, it's a Fender all right. It doesn't even say Tele so is it a Telecaster? Maybe it's actually some form of "Nocaster"? The definitive answer:

lescast-cert1.jpg (89355 bytes)

So it's actually a Telecaster. Although not a Nocaster, it is a true Telecaster of No Telecaster.

This guitar has a kissing cousin: The Flame Top Set Neck, which has Fender pickups, which are not as high output as these "Seth Lover's Bigger Brothers", and an ovangkol fretboard instead of rosewood.

Both the Flame Top Set Neck and the "Lesacaster" owe a lot to the Schecter Pete Townshend type. This style of guitar has been refined and explored perhaps most successfully in the Anderson Hollow Cobra.

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